Completed my script today, now waiting for my possible actors to get back to me. Nervous but excited.

P.S just cause I can here, is my last completed project would love the world to see just a little bit more of it.

Director Tip/Trip- The 50 goal 10- 20


The biggest thing I learn from the next 10 movies was that whatever message I wanted to say, had to be done by me aligning every and every possible aspect that my developing brain is aware of to say whatever message  I want to. This involved playing with






movement of camera

movement of object in-front of the lens


Director Trip/Tip- Current top 10

So as a get to know ice breaker and to understand my producer better we decide to do the age old view the others top 10 list.


Which made me think what is my top 10 list? Took me longer then I thought it would and as also not as long. I decided that the only factor would it be how much it affected to make it to the list.

  • Fight club
  • Once upon a time in chine
  • Iron Giant
  • Jobs
  • Unleashed
  • The royal tennenerbums
  • Ace venture pet detective
  • starwars episode 5 the empire strikes back
  • The wrong man


Lots of reasons why these made the list and why others did not, but that’s for conversation not blogs.



Director tip/trip- 2nd film

With sports shit, you gotta keep the action in the center of the film UNLESS there is a specific reason.


IN documentary, shut your mouth no one cares what you as the Filmer has to say STOP EFFING INTERRUPTING the subjects responses. Breathe and silence for 3 seconds before you ask questions, letting both you and the subject calm down.



Director Tip/Trip

I think its important and healthy to acknowledge what you do good  at as well.


i think as a camera man I found interest things to focus on and interesting places to film from.

I want to acknowledge god for all he has done for or me over the last 6 months and finding this creativity.



Director tip/trip- The gut feeling with editing.

I was very blessed today. By finding all my editing for my current project was deleted.


Weird things to say right? Not in this case, the last footage I was having so much trouble with audio and hating the process of editing that nothing as turning out good. It was feeling like a choir.


So coming back to the project a little nervous and fresh, everything is working much better and I am happy, and guess what the films better 2. Yes I might have lost 3 hours of work, but its better then slugging on with shit.


Lesson learnt- cull that shit, that isn’t making you excited about it, leave it for a while. Then come back, being pig headed isn’t going to help anyone.